Flawless Travels | Mini Snow Break: The Isle of Glencoe Hotel and Skiing

We’re all going in snowing holiday … ok not the best interpretation of the song but you get the gist of of it.


Deal websites like Groupon, Itison and Secret Escapes are officially the best thing ever! Yes as per usual I am a little late to the party but hey I went on a mini overnight break and loved it!

I love my friends particualarly when they find amazing deals. Holly and her boyfriend, had went away to The Isle of Glencoe Hotel for Holly’s birthday near the end of last year. When the deal came up again we all jumped at the chance for an overnight getaway.

The Deal?

Dinner, bed and breakfast with use of the facilities (pool and sauna) for £29.50 each! How amazing is that?

The Experience?

We traveled up late afternoon and arrived at The Isle of Glencoe about 7.30pm at night. We had just enough time get a quick swim and sauna sesh in before dinner at 9pm.


The pool had a jacuzzi and the sauna was to the side. Luckily it wasn’t very busy at that time of night and we could get away with playing about doing handstands in the pool like the big kids we apparently are!

Unforunately our pool session was cut short upon realisation that we only had 30mins till dinner and we couldn’t be late, as they stopped seating tables at 9pm.


Holly and I arrived for dinner just in the nick of time (for the first course, the boys were left waiting a while).


The menu itself had a lot of variety and the dishes sounded delicious!


To start I had the prawn cocktail in a pot. Honestly it was lovely however I did struggle to get everything out the pot. The presentation was amazing though.

For my main I had gnocchi with mushrooms, truffle oil, lemon and spinach. I loved the fresh and citrus taste from the dish because of the lemon.


Finally for dessert I had the lemon and ginger merange pot. The presentation was stunning and overall light and filling.



The rooms were chalet like (if you have been skiing before  you know what I mean), basically think lots of wood however there was also lots of space and a gorgeous view of the loch behind the hotel. Everything was very clean and fresh, and the bathroom was super toasty which I loved.

The rest of the hotel was lovely, open plan and rustic.




The next morning we headed down to breakfast bright and early. which was a fantastic buffet filled with Scottish delicacies such as haggis, black pudding, and heather honey! I had my fill of haggis, which I have a major love for.

Whilst at breakfast we were also able to appreciate the gorgeous view of the loch behind the hotel and the snow capped mountains to the front.



We headed to Nevis Range to catch a days skiing. If you are thinking about heading up north to one of the ski resorts I suggest you make a trip of it and stay near where you will be going. Otherwise you will be getting up at 6am.

At Nevis Range if you don’t own your own ski’s and boots you can hire both before getting on the gondola to go up to the slopes for about £23. If you book your ski’s and boots in advance you also save your self the hassle of waiting in queues.


For lift passes, Nevis Range offer a student rate for £25 or an adult for £30.

If you book in for lessons, your hire of ski’s, boots, and your lift pass is all included in the price.

It was suppose to be a reasonably nice day with some sun, as usual the weather man was slightly wrong. It was very cold, wet, windy with some snow. Lovely traditional Scottish weather.


We were able to have a break mid-morning for some hot chocolate and coffee at a little hut just in the middle of the slope. I also braved a chairlift #majorfear! It is mainly tows to get up to the runs however we realised that the better snow without any rocks were further up the mountain.


Nearing the end we decided it was time for a wine and whats better than a glass of muddled wine when your skiing, before you head back down the mountain in the gondola?


Would I do it again?


It was a cheap night away and day out, I had fun and actually want to go skiing again as soon as possible. The best thing is you can go with friends or family. It definitely is something for everyone.

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