Why I love OkDress.co.uk

It can be very difficult to find the right dress for a Ball. There are so many things you need to take into consideration

  1. Needs to be unique: Don’t want to turn up in the same dress as your friend.
  2. Length: Will there be dancing?  Don’t want to trip up
  3. Comfort:  Don’t want to be pulling up your strapless dress all night.
  4. Colour:  Do you want something timeless to wear on any occasion?
  5. Underwear:  Do you need to invest in a strapless bra? Can you even wear underwear?

With my Graduation Ball coming up I started looking for dresses as soon as possible!

I knew I didn’t want something from the High Street as there was a higher possibility that someone else would have the same dress. So I decided to try online!

By just literally typing in “Prom dresses” in to Google, thousands and I mean thousands of results came up! I didn’t know where to start. So I went on to Google Images to see if I like any dresses in particular and then follow the image to the site.

This was how I found Ok Dress.

Okdress.co.uk was founded in 2013. They focus on wedding gowns/dresses, evening dresses, jewellery, costumes and other Chinese made goods. They have never taken our focus off these items while simultaneously adding new lines. Their constant revision and adaptation make them the leader in their field. They aim to provide top quality, fantastic products at affordable prices. They combine this with superior customer service and their desire to continually improve.

Now I know what you are thinking. Your like “really?” In all honestly I thought the same but after I received my order I was happily surprised. The quality is unreal and the fit is perfect.

You have two options in terms of fit. You can measure yourself and send in the measurements or choose a dress size.

The total of my order including posting and packaging was £120, which in my books is an absolute bargain!

Here are some of my favourite dresses.









If you like any of the images why not click on them and be taken directly to them?

Hope you love Ok Dress as much as I do. It is a real find!


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  1. Lynell says:

    This sounds to me like a positive dream about you facing your fears no matter what form they take, given the insistence that your family go to the basement and the fact that you chased the Nazi. Even realizing your own power in life can be a frightening thing, which is why people tend to stay dierspowemed even when they have a choice. At least, my therapist would say something like that. And yeah, I have nightmares too. Probably a common thing among horror fans, hence the fandom which is probably us seeking to be afraid in a more controlled environment.

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