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So for my birthday last year my sister was ever so kind enough to treat me to a Gel Manicure at Nails Inc in House of Frasers on Buchanan Street, Glasgow.

Now first off, Gel Manicure…

If I am being completely honest, I believed that a Gel Manicure was just another name for Shellac.

So I was really skeptical at how the while thing was going to pan out as my nails got pretty badly damaged the last few times I got a Shellac manicure, and have only just recovered.

This explains why I was in utter shock after getting the manicure done, when I booked in the weekend before Christmas.


What’s the difference?

Both gel polish and shellac are “permanent” manicure options, and generally last two weeks. Each of them use UV light to harden the polish, and require some serious acetone to remove them.

While the processes for getting both manicures are very similar, there are two notable differences.

Shellac is a form of permanent nail polish whereas Gel is a gel polish (a gel in the form of a polish).



For me the Gel Manicure seemed to go on thicker than the Shellac from the start.

Over time I noticed the thickness lessened as the weeks went on but the high gloss and shine never diminished like it has with any Shellac manicures I have had in the past.

The one factor that has turned me officially from a Shellac to Gel girl though has got to be the length of time my nails went without the polish chipping!

It was 4 weeks before the polish started to come off…and by come off I mean the whole Gel nail literally popped off!

There was no chipping whatsoever!

Whereas in the past with any Shellac manicure I have had, after 2 weeks the polish colour goes dirty and starts to chip, making my nails look like they need done again.

The damage to my nails with a Gel Manicure was minimal in comparison to Shellac. They are actually currently the longest they have been in a while, so a gel manicure definitely gets points from me in regards to nail growth.

The only thing I would say is that for some reason the Gel hurt the tops of my nails under the UV light whereas I have never experienced this with Shellac!



So we have established I would 100% go back for a Gel Manicure however only on special occasions as for a price tag of about £43 its not something I could regularly afford.

Plus to get the Gel nails taken off in-store (like you should do), on their own cost £20 or you can get it with a treatment for £10 + the cost of your other treatment.

Not exactly a deal but there had to be a flaw somewhere right?

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  1. I’m a quite satisfied with shellac. It lasts long and my nails look fabulous 🙂

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