Hair: Going au Natural


My favourite scene ever is from Sex and the City, after Carrie has been left at the alter by Mr Big and she goes to the hairdressers to put her head into the “witness protection programme”…

Personally, I have always maintained that as I got older,  I would go blonder.

But this is pretty much hard to do when you have been Gold, Caramel, Silver, Ash and even Purple! I felt as if I had down all the extremes but I still wanted a major change.

So I decided to do the unthinkable – which for people that know me, and know how much I like(d) being bright blonde, this came as a bit of a shock.

I put my head into the witness protection programme.


I had already forewarned my hairdresser, Rachel that I was going for a bit of change…what I forgot to mention though was how drastic.

pre natural

The pictures I had picked out to show her were pretty unattainable in one sitting, considering the current state of my hair. That much I knew but I wanted to show what kind of a change I was looking for.

So with a little help from the Colourist, we set to work.

We brought my root colour down and through sections of my hair.

going natural

Then a toner went on to bring down the brightness of the blonde that was left.


The end result was pretty spectacular!


2 Weeks Later…

Rachel had mentioned that because of how bright my hair was, the colour might struggle to stick so I would need another toner on. After 2 weeks I thought I could see a difference so I went back for the toner.

Apparently for 2 weeks, it was really impressive considering the brightness of my hair before.

The next time I will see Rachel for a colour is the beginning of July and I think it will be the longest time I have gone without seeing her!

After thoughts…

For some reason since changing the colour of my hair, it seems to have grown – or at least look like it has grown – in leaps and bounds.

The overall health seems to be a lot better too since I have stopped putting bleach through it, so I have high hopes for my hair health in the future!

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