The Grosvenor Cafe |New Menu Tasting

One of my favourite things is when a well known favourite brings out a new menu and you have yet another excuse to visit. And the Grosvenor Cafe in Ashton Lane have done just.

Grosvenor Cafe debuted their new cocktail and food menu at the end of August. After hearing some rave reviews, a week later I was finally able to try it for myself.

Word of warning: Go hungry! 

The Cocktails

We were served an array of cocktails from the new menu which had been specially designed with their clientele in mind.

According to their Bar Manager they were noticing that their patrons were preferring fruity and tasty alternatives to the classics such as an Old Fashioned.

The first cocktail we were given to try was called Lychee Me which was Smirnoff Vodka, Kwai Feh Lychee, mint, Lemon Juice, Apple Juice and Mango Puree.

Grosvenor Cafe - lychee me

This was delicious and felt more like you were drinking a fruit smoothie than a cocktail.

If you like being able to taste your rum then you will love Rum Punch. This cocktail was a mixture of Woods Rum, Coconut Cream, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice and Lime Juice.

Grosvenor Cafe - Rum Punch

If you want to renaissance about your summer holidays as we move into the colder weather then this is the cocktail for you.

The third and final cocktail of the night was my personal favourite, a Salted Caramel Rumtini. This was Kraken Rum, Salted Caramel Kahula, Espresso and Vanilla Sugar Syrup.

Grosvenor Cafe - Kraken Rum

I am not normally a fan of espresso cocktails but this reminded of me of my go to coffee; a caramel latte!


We were given two starter to try  one of which I am so glad they added to the menu as it is my personal favourite.

Mozzarella Balls!

Grosvenor Cafe - mozzarella balls

You cannot go wrong with this and the Grosvenor Cafe did not disappoint. Each Mozzarella Ball was cooked to perfection and when you cut into it, the mozzarella oozed out to perfection.

The Panko Chicken Strips were next and they were HUGE!

Grosvenor Cafe - Panko Chicken Strips

If you are looking for a healthier option as a starter then I would highly recommend these. My pet hate is dry chicken but these were succulent and moist.


Do you love Italian cuisine? Yes… Good!

As Grosvenor Cafe have cooked up a storm for you.

We had three pasta options to try…

First we had the Wild Mushroom Tagliatelle (V) with  Pecorino Cheese, and Parsley.

Grosvenor Cafe - Mushroom Pasta

Then we had the Roasted Red Pepper Linguine (V) with Sun Blushed Tomatoes, Basil Pesto & Torn Mozzarella  you can also Chicken or Chorizo if you wish.

Grosvenor Cafe - roasted red pepper pasta

The third pasta option was Mac & Cheese with  Buffalo Mozzarella and Truffle Oil however, you could have it with  Chorizo and Fennel Sausage or Sun-Dried Tomato and Parmesan.

Grosvenor Cafe - mac and cheese

And just when we thought we were finished out came a Fennel Sausage and Roasted Red Onion Pizza!

Grosvenor Cafe - fennel pizza

This tasted like authentic Italian Pizza you can only find in Italy.


By dessert I was actually getting scared of the waitresses coming up the stairs as I was really full however when I saw what the desserts were I quickly found room.

First we had the Chocolate Fudge Sundae with Brownie Chunks, Salted Caramel Ice Cream and Fudge Sauce…

Grosvenor Cafe - chocolate fudge sundae

However my personal favourite was the Marshmallow Stuffed Crust Sweet Pizza with Nutella and Peanut Butter.

Grosvenor Cafe - Marshmallow stuffed sweet pizza

This was absolutely delicious and if you have a sweet tooth like myself I would highly recommend this.


I would highly recommend that you head over to the Grosvenor Cafe and try their new menu or better yet why not go just for the cocktails and see where the night takes you…that will be where you find me this weekend!

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