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It’s not everyday that one of the UK’s leading brow and beauty training companies, relaunches with a new brand name and identify…and it’s definitely not something to miss if your invited.

Firstly Epibrow’s newest location on West Regent Street in Glasgow was like arriving into luxe lounge rather than a training school – not what I was expecting.

Epibrow West Regent Street Glasgow

Who are they?

Epibrow – renowned in the UK and internationally for its revolutionary micro blading brow technique, founded in 2014  by Lousie Bannigan – is currently expanding, with the development of two new facial treatments and a ground-breaking hair loss treatment programme in partnership with USA based National Hair Loss Association.

What do they do?

Epibrow – now rebranded as Epibrow International Academy – started off their training schools in training beauticians in the art of Epibrow. It’s a revolutionary, freehand, feather-styling technique that gives a natural brow look and is unlike any other semi-permanent make-up technique.

They are currently moving into the facial and aesthetic market for the first time with the lunch of Sculpt.

Sculpt MET and Sculpt PRP are both non-surgical facial treatments which encourage skin rejuvenation as well as a youthful and glowing appearance.

Sculpt MET (Manual Exfoliation Technique) is Epibrow’s dermaplaning treatment which aims to resurface and invigorate the skin. The treatment involves the safe and simple technique of exfoliating the skin, removing dead skin cells from the epidermis, as well as the fine vellus hairs.

Sculpt PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma – The Vampire Facial) is a popular skin treatment using the clients plasma from their own blood. From a small sample of the clients blood, the clear plasma and platelets are isolated and then re-injected into the clients face using Epibrow’s unique  micro roller system. The plasma is rolled over the skin, resulting in a youthful glowing skin, with best results seen in 6-8 weeks after treatment.

The Event!

Epibrow opened up their doors to bloggers and beauticians alike for their relaunch.

Epibrow Launch

They showcase their revolutionary Epibrow technique as well as having brow artists and beauticians there to offer Sculpt MET and brow was and tints.

Sculpt MET at Epibrow

I was lucky enough to have the incredible Mist Crew give my brows and  a “quick” pluck and tint and I was – and still am – completely in awe of the end result!

Brows at Epibrow Before
Epibrow After

They are currently offering a treatment menu in their West Regent Street branch which ranges from brow styling to Laser Tattoo Removal and Scar Reduction Treatment.

So why not head down to see the what they can offer you or head to their website now to find out more.

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