CycleBox |#ButDidYouDie?


CycleBox is the latest fitness obsession sweeping the streets of Glasgow.

Say goodbye to your yoga mat and hello to a spin bike and a punching bag!


What is CycleBox?

A CycleBox session is 45 mins of highly motivational coaching with high energy music that will leave you feeling and sweating like a badass .

When you step inside Cyclebox they want you to leave any drama or stress at the door. They want you to bring it .

They do two things:

For 25 minutes they ride by turning on high tempo studo music and, turn off to the world outside. Burn all the calories on the bikes for an endorphin rush, a strong core and back, sculpted quads and ass, flexible joints, a shake up your system, give you a healthy heart, and makes your skin glow.

Then for 15 minutes they head to the punching bags for a full body workout. With the upper body being the primary focus of the workout you can be sure that every muscle will be targeted. They will hit up the punch bags but also bring in bodyweight exercises. Leg rounds, abdominal rounds, cardio rounds. To improve strength and power, core stability, muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness, body awareness and muscular endurance. It burns fat and is a fabulous stress relief and mood booster.


My session

I had the wonderful Gwen as my instructor at my first CycleBox session.

From the word “Hello” he was super friendly, chatty and made me feel completely comfortable in the class.

But that’s not to say she didn’t push me hard!

The CycleBox’s favourite quote is from the Owner and Body Sculptor herself, Mandy, “But did you die?”

No I did not die, but I indeed felt very close to it!

Within the one 45 minute session, I wanted to be sick 4 times but felt amazing after it!

I used to be an avid spin goer, but in comparison to normal spin Cyclebox is just a completely different league!

The best part is that the instructors push you to your own limits so your only competing with yourself.

My favourite past of the session has got to be the boxing though! Talk about getting out all your frustration!

Circuits if I am being honest however are just not my thing – but it went by so quickly I barely had time to think about it!


Should you try it?

100% YES!

This class is just on another league and just does everything!

You will leave feeling fitter, stronger mentally and physically, and maybe just a little sore the next day!

The Details?


18 Ruthven Lane, Glasgow, G (just off Byres Rd in the West End)


Classes are on every single day and the times vary throughout the week (head to their website or download their app to book).


£10 per class but can also pay £70 for unlimited classes for a whole month.

So currently I go to the gym 4 times a week – if I was to go to CycleBox 4 times a week for a month it would cost me £4.38 per class!


You’re also not tied into a membership so there is no direct debit or contract which is great if you know you’re going on holiday for a few weeks when you wouldn’t get to as many classes.

The class size is small so you’re well looked after.

How to book? 

Through the website ( where you can choose to either pay via Paypal or you can pay in person.

Or download their new App by searching for Glofox in the App Store and then choose Cyclebox as your class. You can set up a profile to book and cancel classes at a click of a button.

Want to follow them? 

Twitter – @cyclebox

Instagram – @cyclebox

Facebook – Cyclebox Glasgow



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  1. Love the sound of this – I really enjoyed (for someone who hates exercise) spin when I went and I’ve always been interested in boxing, so something that combines the two might be just what I’m looking for when I finish with Boot Camp!


    1. nina says:

      Exactly! I felt the exact same – I promise it’s definitely worth a shot!

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