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I love noodles!

Since first going to Chop Chop for Holly’s birthday, about two weeks ago, I have literally been raving about their noodles non-stop to anyone – and I mean anyone – who would listen. So it is only appropriate that I continue my raving here!


The Story!

In 1997, when Jian Wang arrived in Edinburgh from Changchun in North Eastern China, a region famous for its dumplings (jiao zi). Jian was passionate about food and cooking, especially jiao zi, having been the family chef since her early teens.

On arriving in the U.K., Jian was amazed to find that her beloved jiao zi were not on sale anywhere. Jian’s new factory in Edinburgh started to produce north eastern style Chinese dumplings for 50 Chinese supermarkets throughout the U.K. and in 2004 won a contract to supply P & O cruise ships. As these luxury liners sailed far and wide, Jian could claim that her dumplings were eaten all over the world!  Jian’s products launched in Aldi stores throughout Scotland in 2014 and is ongoing.

The first Chop Chop opened its doors in January 2006 and was an instant success, attracting universal acclaim from the local and national press. By 2008, it had been voted Best Chinese Restaurant in Scotland.

Chop Chop Glasgow

The dumplings also achieved further recognition, being the first ethnic food to win a coveted Scottish Excellence Award in 2008 as the Best Retail Meat Product.

Chop Chop launched its unique Rewards membership to show appreciation to its regular customers, who promptly returned the compliment by voting Chop Chop onto Gordon Ramsay’s F-Word T.V. show.

The success of the Haymarket restaurant prompted the opening of Chop Chop Leith in June 2010, and a new factory. Both restaurants had a very busy year. In an online poll, Chop Chop was voted Britain’s most popular Chinese restaurant as the number of Rewards members passed the 5,000 mark.

Chop Chop’s achievements were recognized in China by the World Association for Chinese Cuisine with the presentation of a coveted Certificate of Excellence and in the U.K. by being the only Chinese restaurant in Scotland to attain an AA Rosette.

Both restaurants received AA Rosettes in 2011, 2012 and again in 2013. By 2013 membership had exceeded 20,000 and in 2012 Chop Chop was again voted Britain’s most popular Chinese restaurant. In the same online vote, the two Chop Chops took 1st and 2nd places in Scotland.

Jian travels to China every year in a quest to find new dishes to satisfy her criteria for the Chop Chop menu: authentic, simple and healthy.

My Experience


Food is simply amazing!

Both times I had the exact same meal and it definitely lived up to my raving!

I had the Crispy Spicy Squid.


I am not the biggest fan of spicy food but these were delicious.

Then the Prawn Chow Mein.


They are just so simple and tasty. The prawns were cooked to perfection, literally cannot fault.

What I love most about the food is that you feel comfortably full afterwards, your not wishing to go home to lie down. You can happily continue on your evening.

If you haven’t been yet you must! On you go, chop chop!



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  1. This looks amazing! I’m always looking for good Chinese restaurants because I love Chinese food but I’m quite fussy. I’ll definitely be trying Chop Chop! 😀

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