Fitness | The Ugly side to health and fitness

This is a bit of personal one… You might not understand this until it happens to you… queue the Lady Gaga song… but there is an ugly side health and fitness which isn’t really talked about. In short, the upside to health and fitness is you lose fat and like how you look in and…

University: Don’t know if it’s for you?

If you do not know – the only way this is possible is that you do not follow me on social media! Note: Instagram and Facebook in the sidebar. – I have finally finished my four year degree at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.  


There was been a lot of controversy over the word “Feminism”. This still surprises me to this day. Many celebrities now openly call themselves “feminists” or support feminism in one way or another. However the vast majority still see it as a dirty or a bad word.

Guest Blog: Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Break-up (for women, sorry fellas!)

This I hope is the first of many guest posts! This post in particular is by a truly wonderful Scottish Blogger! The Blogger would prefer to remain anonymous however, this post is very close to her heart. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Fight Against Fat Shaming!

Fat shaming happens everyday so much so that arguably we are immune to recognising it ourselves. It now needs to be pointed out to us that this is not ok. This is a terrible revelation, something that I thought would never happen. Social media has made is acceptable almost as people can hide behind profiles and usernames.

Has Kate Hopkins Gone Too Far?

So it looks like Kate Hopkins has done it again!