Beauty Hacks | Veleza App

The Instagram of beauty apps. Veleza app is specifically for girls/bloggers focusing  on all things to do with beauty. I just joined literally two days ago and already I am hooked to say the least.

Selfie Styling | How to wear PLL’s Red Coat

Pretty Little Liars is a must watch show – it is addictive I swear – one of the biggest questions of the show is “who is red coat?” The show circles this for season after season … I won’t spoil it but its good. From here I took inspiration to buy my own red coat.

Fitness|5 tips on how to be a morning person

The daily struggle is getting up in the morning coupled with making time to fit in your daily workout. Well the answer to a is this post and the answer to the b is a… confusing slightly, but there is no better time to do your workout than in the morning, that way your up…

Recipe | Rustic Gluten Free Banana Bread

I am not a domestic goddess, I rarely cook or even bake but when I do I like to keep it simple, quick and easy. This Rustic Gluten Free Banana Bread recipe only takes 10mins prep and 40-50 minutes to cook. When done it is crispy golden outside and moist on the inside. This is perfect…

Fitness | The Ugly side to health and fitness

This is a bit of personal one… You might not understand this until it happens to you… queue the Lady Gaga song… but there is an ugly side health and fitness which isn’t really talked about. In short, the upside to health and fitness is you lose fat and like how you look in and…

True North Cosmetics | De-stressed Skin

My skin suffers from a lot of redness, if I am being honest I feel that no amount of make-up will ever cover it up. If you add in the Scottish weather my skin is pretty de-stressed. So I like trying any products I can that will make a difference, enter True North Cosmetics.