Cold sores: How to deal with them!

Ironically as I am writing this post I do in fact have a cold sore. I hate them, absolutely hate them. When I get a cold sore I think it is the most obvious thing in the world and want rid of it there and then. They hurt and make your lip feel like its…

Gym: Outfit Must Haves!

Since I started working out regularly I have been experimenting with what I wear to the gym. This may sound strange but for me the more comfortable I felt in  my skin the more I wanted to try new things.

Relax: 15 Royal Terrace Day Spa

I was treated to a lovely spa treatment at 15 Royal Terrace Day Spa. What an experience it was. This wasn’t the first time I had a treatment done at a spa but it was my first from 15 Royal Terrace. Previously I had been to Spa in the City.

Eat: Five Guys!

Five Guys has been in Glasgow for a while now and its steadily taking over. First it appeared in the city centre just off Buchanan Street, then it went to Silverburn and next month they open in Brehead! Plus after all that they are heading up to Aberdeen! Talk about being off to a good…


Every store at the minute is doing a sale and its driving me insane. My shopping addiction really cannot handle a good bargain. I wake up with about 20-30 emails a day! No I am not miss popular I have just signed up to a lot of sites apparently…Anyway I have received 10 emails in…

Fight Against Fat Shaming!

Fat shaming happens everyday so much so that arguably we are immune to recognising it ourselves. It now needs to be pointed out to us that this is not ok. This is a terrible revelation, something that I thought would never happen. Social media has made is acceptable almost as people can hide behind profiles and usernames.