#LBD Wonderlust March 2015

If you have met a few times it would appear to you teat my favourite colour is black…its actually pink! So now that I have got the most important information out the way I feel I should let you in on a little secret…I have more than one little black dress! The truth is finally…

Has Kate Hopkins Gone Too Far?

So it looks like Kate Hopkins has done it again!

Women to Women: Going off the Pill

Ok so it’s time to get a little bit personal and approach a kind of taboo subject. The pill.


When you think of grey hair your gran is most likely the first person you think of. I have always said that I will get blonder with age – I am talking about my hair colour! However last May I went crazy! I went platinum blonde so much so that my hair looked grey! Personally…

The Review: Maybelline’s Forever StrongSuper Stay 7 Day Nail Varnish

I love having my nails painted and for about 2 months, last year I was getting shellac polish applied every two weeks. I cannot stand chipped nails it has always bugged me!