The Review: Dr Lipp

I remember my mum used it a few years ago and I remember thinking No- it’s just too thick! However this week a friend of mine yet use some of hers and I fell in love! So much so that I bought it later that day!

I Love Pop Pilates!

Cassidy Ho is my favourite person! I am not going to lie when I first started watching her video’s I hated her (If your reading this Cassidy sorry but I love you now!). She was far to perky for my liking – why then do her videos you ask? Well the girl knows what she…

Why We Should All Have A Farm On Sunday For Breakfast!

So you probably read the title twice…yeah I don’t blame you, let me explain. I love a full breakfast on a Sunday. Some people call it a Full English Breakfast or a Full Scottish Breakfast (depending on which part of the country you are from), some call it a Fry Up and many call it…

Gotta Love a Pattern!

I LOVE patterns! For a girl who used to wear black like it was going out of fashion – which by the way, it never will – this is a huge accomplishment for me! Why do I love them so much you ask?

I Love Coconut Water!

  Madonna, Demi and Lara Bingle drink it, therefore we should too!


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